Saturday, October 03, 2009

Siding the Foundation

After getting the insulation wrapped around the shop's foundation, it was time to protect the foam from the elements. Troy had a particular product in mind that he had seen at Menard's last summer. When he went to get it, it was not to be found. When he asked, they said that it was a one-time offer they got from the supplier and they wouldn't be restocking it.


So Troy looked around and decided to go with some cement board siding. The boards are heavy and awkward enough that it was deemed a two-person job. We got the south and west sides done last Saturday evening.

Sunday we started again, but had barely started when Wendy and David showed up for a visit. After a few minutes of socializing, David took over my spot helping Troy and Wendy and I took Jan to the park. (Thank you, David.)

They got the first round down and even started the "roof" section before we stopped for dinner.

Troy and I got the rest done one evening this week. Well, there's some fiddly stuff to be done on the side with the garage door but Troy said he could handle that himself.
The board was attached with expanding foam insulation. It sets up pretty fast but not immediately so we had to prop the boards up until it dried. And then we used the wood to hold the slanted pieces down to prevent the foam from pushing the boards up off the foam.

Troy had a load of dirt delivered on Tuesday and started spreading it around. First some tractor work with the front end loader.
Then some hand work with a rake and shovel (done near the door; not this end yet). It's going to be so nice to level this area out. It was still deeply rutted from the cement trucks that drove in to pour the foundation last summer.

I had Wednesday off and Troy suggested I could fill some time spreading dirt if I was bored. That night he asked flippantly if I had done any dirt work.
"Oh, yes" I said, "It's all done."
"Really?" he played along. "Did it take you very long?"
"No time at all" I answered honestly.

(Sorry, honey, I'm no help at all!)

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