Sunday, January 31, 2010

And One Thing Leads to Another

So I mentioned the [partial] rehabilitation of the dining room? Apparently being able to see the room again has inspired Troy to work on it again.

It didn't hurt that he got all the holes plugged in the shop...yeah!! The mudding is also done, and he now has to wait for it to dry before he can start painting. Paint! Can you believe it? That's, like, finally a layer you can actually see when things are considered done. Wow. Milestone here.

Back to the drying mud...that may take a while as the shop is still quite cool--about 50^F now that the holes are plugged and the windows are insulated.

So that brings me to the dining room. When the shop was finished today, Troy moved his supplies and himself to the dining room to finish the job there. So, yes, the dining room holes are all plugged too.

There is more mudding and sanding to do there, so I may have removed the plastic dust barriers just a little too soon?

Well, as Troy reminded me, it can always go back up...

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