Thursday, March 17, 2011

Under Kentucky

We made our way over to Mammoth Cave and did the "New Entrance" tour on Wednesday. Mammoth is the longest known cave but it doesn't have a lot else going for it. There are not many formations in the cave to see, but we got a few sights:

Lots of flat ceilings and tumbled down rocks:

The famous "Frozen Niagara Falls"
(This is just the very top; they "flow" down for quite a ways.)

Troy caught a cave cricket in his flashlight:

And just at the exit we finally got some traditional stalagmites/stalactites:
When down there it's hard to imagine that you are 250 feet below the surface and even harder to imagine being one of the first to go down with a lantern and no knowledge of what you might find. (Creepy!)

After the tour, we met Tammy, a friend who moved from South Bend a few years ago and now finds herself in Bowling Green. We had a great visit which included walking around the downtown square.

Someone had decorated the statue of "Flora" with daffodils that were blooming:

I caught a bird on top of this statue, which I thought might be Fauna, but was not.

I got five family pictures on this trip which has to be a record. (I've gone a whole summer without getting one!) This, however, was one of them, taken by a stranger in the cave:
This is why you have to take five! Fortunately, the other ones are a little better.

And now we are home. A couple more days off work for me (one more for Troy) and then back to what we call normal. Maybe by then I'll be ready to eat--I am so stuffed after this week of eating, eating, eating!!

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