Saturday, March 05, 2011

Simple Update

Troy was very happy to have the level bubble float right between the lines when he checked the first half of the slab.

But we're not surprised, are we? We know Troy does good work.

The week I was gone, Troy poured the first half. He said it went quite well by himself.

The next week, he did the second half with only minimal help from me:
Here's our picture proving he used rebar, in case we should ever have to prove such a thing. You can see he mixed the concrete right in the kitchen. He dumped each batch into the purple tub you see in the background and then poured that in the form.

It was a lot closer than he expected on the gravel; there wasn't much left by the time the slab was done. But all we really needed was enough and we had it.

We cleaned up the tools and cement mixer by 10:00 that night (and it was a cold and rainy night, too) and the slab was finished!!

This week we have had pressure treated 2x8s stacked in the kitchen drying out. When Troy bought them, he wondered if they would be stored outside and wet. He was so happy to be directed to the covered storage area to load them up. Well, apparently they had just been moved there because they were wet and frozen. (He had a horrible time tying them into the truck because they were so slippery!)

A week with fans on them has fixed them right up.

Troy has the first floor joists in and one bay filled with foam insulation. Go, Troy, go!

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