Monday, January 02, 2012

My Own Private Island

There hasn't been a lot of progress in the kitchen lately. We've been visiting family and friends and enjoying the holidays. Troy's been playing with his new lathe. I've done a little more organizing (2 more boxes unpacked today!) but am having a hard time figuring out a lot of the remaining items. They either don't fit nicely into a category or are seldom used or...(fill in some other excuse)...

One of the issues is that we didn't have the island installed. There were things that I wanted to put there and couldn't. They were getting in my way, either literally or mentally.

Troy fixed that yesterday when he decided that he didn't want the island cabinets in the way in his shop anymore, and we moved them into the kitchen. We covered them with the counter top that we had been using in the dining room (cutting it to length) so that we could try it out before making anything permanent.
We started with the location specified by the plan, which gives a three foot lane between the island and the other counters. We may move it a little further away. As you look at the pictures, keep in mind that the counter will overhang about 12" on the side facing the camera in the above picture.
Even without the sink, it's been another treat! Lots more counter space! I haven't yet moved anything into the drawers because we still have to put the handles on, but I have marked them.
One thing I did do today was remove the doors and drawer front from the sink unit:
It's my idea to have the garbage here in this open cabinet, and you can see where I'm trying the paper towel dispenser. I was happy to learn that there's enough room for the compost bucket to sit there too. They are out of the walking lanes and still easily accessible.
Maybe you think it looks funny, but I am going with it. When Troy came home and saw it, he had the idea to put the drawer front back on so the paper towel would be dispensed through a slot:
We'll try it and see. I think it looks better than having the gaping hole.

I also filled up the open shelves at the end of the island:
I planned these shelves to echo the open shelves on the wall behind them. I filled them with cookbooks (finally out of my living room!) and stuff that used to be kept on the table. I am very committed to keeping the table clear of clutter and hope these shelves will keep things handy yet out of the way. :fingers crossed:

It's back to work for me tomorrow. I am not ready for it, but I wouldn't be any more ready for it even if I had another week off. I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

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