Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Appliances Have All Come Home!

I'm pretty tired so I'm going to use a lot of pictures tonight.

First, you can see that sometimes Troy is laying down on the job.

He was putting in the final string of rope lights for our under cabinet lighting.
He also got the oven and sink lights hooked up this week. It's been delightful. Besides the benefit of having task lighting, I was also grateful we found flat fixtures that will be hidden by the valances.

Today I got to the ever-more pressing task of moving the fridge. (I've only been talking about it for two weeks now!)

First, pack up all the fridge and freezer contents and putting them in God's freezer:
Then Troy moved the fridge into place and I set about cleaning it. Really cleaning it. Like it's never been cleaned. (Now, I'm not saying I've never cleaned it, because I have.) (But it has been a while.)

Finally it was all shiny white and new:
Then I filled it. (Cleaning all the bottles as I went. You know how they can get.)

Finally I had a properly placed, cleaned, and filled fridge:
For fun, contrast that view with this one:
Besides the fridge being in the foreground, you can see that the shoe shelf that used to be in the front foyer is now in the back room. Makes much more sense as that's the entrance Troy and I use. As Troy likes to say, "It only gets better from here!"

And finally, no fridge is ready until it's dressed:
(Thanks again, Patricia, for sending me your magnet. Troy even noticed and said it's a great pic of her!)

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