Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bringing something back from the dead, almost...

Gardening season is upon us.  Whatever else I grow in my garden, I always grow a healthy crop of weeds too.  I am such a multi-tasker.  After growing them successfully I then chop them down.  Mostly I have used a hoe, but I have hankered for a push cultivator.

I purchased an old spring tooth harrow from a guy who is moving to florida after his impending retirement this summer.  He had/has a lot of stuff to get rid of.  I noticed he had an OLD push cultivator and he made me a deal on that too.  He was happy, I was happy.

It needed a little work. OK, it needed a resurrection event.  Here's a picture of the old wooden parts that I removed:

They had scabbed on several chunks of plywood and other stuff to reinforce the tired old wood.  It was time for a whole new set of furniture:

A couple of scrap 2 x 4's, a little quality time on the wood lathe, the table saw and the belt sander and we have a tool that's good for another 50-100 years.  Here's the whole tool:

Of course I had to run out and try it right away.  It is whiz-bang fast and should cut my weeding time by 2/3.

Of course, when we get redeemed and brought back from the dead by the Master Craftsman, it will not be for 50 or 100 years, it will be for all eternity.  And my knees won't hurt any more either.  You will even see what I look like with hair.

Doing my own little imitation of resurrection.

Finest regards,


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