Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Drywall spurt.

Another of my church homies (the other David) came by this morning to help out with drywall. Our small group likes to help one another out as we are able. This small group has been the best incarnation of true community that I have ever experienced. If you have never participated in a small group with dedicated Christians, you're missing out. You owe it to yourself to try it some time. Plus, hanging drywall with your church friends may have some spiritual benefits, not unlike self flagellation or wearing a hair shirt.

Normally, I'll get 3-5 sheets of drywall done after work. Today, with David's help, we must have put up more almost 20 sheets. Rock on! Doing a little mental math, we must have about 15 or 20 sheets to go. Motivation tends to get very good toward the end.

Once we get the drywall done, I will do some basic taping/mudding and then we will blow vast quantities of cellulose (recycled newsprint) into those big fat, one foot thick, walls. Then a little wiring, a little plumbing, a set of kitchen cabinets, some siding and boom, we're done.

It all sounds so simple like that.



troy and christina said...

Did you just compare working with David to wearing a hair shirt? -c

troy and christina said...

Ahem, no.

I was comparing the installation of drywall to the wearing of a hair shirt, which may be more palatable when accompanied and supported by friends.

Finest regards,


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