Sunday, April 26, 2009

Insulation: Day 1

Today began our marathon of insulation blowing. Figuring it's a job that's better done in big chunks of time, we are reserving the next month of Sundays for insulation. Troy prepared by drilling a bunch of holes this past week, and we were off to the races today.
I was going to take a pic of the truck actually entering the garage through our oh-so-handy garage door, but Troy was too fast for me. Then the irony was that the top bags actually caught on the top of the door (some nails that were sticking down) so the door was not quite handy-dandy enough.
"Installation in 3 easy steps." That's the promise right on the bag. And look, there's a picture of a young girl loading the hopper. That was me today. (Except I was smiling just maybe a touch less.) (And I was wearing glasses, a mask, a ball cap, and big headphone ear protection.) (This girl is wearing none of that and is, perhaps, implying that the job is a little more fun, happy and go-lucky than it actually is.)
So step 1 would be to fix the equipment from the store, right? Troy had to fix the hose (by affixing it) because last time he used it the hose kept flying off. Not very convenient and probably very very messy. Speaking of messy, even done right, blowing insulation is messy:
Christina1 does not like messy. But she got through. Setting up the hopper right in front of an exhaust fan really took care of the dust too, in a relative sort of way.

I will spare you the minute details of the day (like my botched first try at loading the hopper and the several "insulation fountains" we had--no harm done) and just say that we basically got the lower holes filled across 2/3 of the north wall. At this rate Troy figures 4 or 5 more days like that. I figure at least 6. So we'll see.

We had bought a pallet and put in all 42 bags. Then I called it a day. Troy went back to the store to return the machine and buy another pallet. Then next time we can do a little more than a pallet if we have time and energy. This also means Troy has a lot of holes to drill over the next week.

All for now. The work is catching up to me and my bones are tired.

1 This is Christina referring to herself in the third person. She will try to keep it to a minimum as she is aware it can seem pretentious and possibly annoying. But she felt it was warranted in this case. Thank you for indulging her.

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