Friday, April 17, 2009

Life of Riley

Maybe it was the unusual occurrence of two sunny days in a row and a day off, but today it really struck me how I am just living the life of Riley.

I submit as proof:

1. I wanted to do laundry today and the weather was so great for hanging clothes outside they were dry practically before the next load was ready to go up. Love it!

2. The weather being so lovely, I wanted to spend time outside, and what do you know? a bunch of firewood presents itself to be split.
(As an added bonus, the splitter acts up and I have to quit after just one stump/wheelbarrow load!)

3. When I was hungry and on the road, I see my favourite meal of all time is on sale!

4. I go to the (not-quite-) local bead shop to buy a couple of chicken wind chimes. I had to ask the owner to set a price because they were actually shop decorations (not for sale). She told me she'd sell for $3. Three dollars! I double checked she didn't mean $3 per chicken, but no, really, $3 total. Don't tell her but she could have easily charged $20. Well, lucky me--like I said, call me Riley. (I bought both--one for me and one for me mum.)

5. I have time today to work on knitting, crochet, quilting, and blogging!

6. And then tonight when I was running out of steam, and was able to force myself to go with Troy to work on some plastic, I am rewarded with being able to COMPLETE the plastic.
Woo hoo! no more!! None! Nada! All done!

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