Saturday, April 04, 2009

Slogging on.

In many respects, the greatest predictor of success in many ventures, is how determined the participants are. Of course there is the famous quote from Churchill, Never give up. Never, never, never...NEVER give up. I'm paraphrasing a little bit. I often concatenate that speech in my mind with Nikita Kruschev standing up at the podium at the United Nations pounding away with his shoe on the podium while railing against this and that.

In contrast to these world changing, larger than life legends, this post has to do with progress on my drywall. My shop needs, in round figures, 4,000 square feet of drywall installed. That's 125 sheets if everything went in as whole sheets, which it doesn't. Each sheet weighs approximately 70 pounds. So, just a wee bit shy of four and a half tons of drywall. It also takes about 5,000 drywall screws. We now have about 35 sheets of drywall to go. Woo hooo, only a ton and quarter to go. And of course, I am at my most efficient now. I have the procedure totally worked out, I don't have to think about how to do the next sheet.

There were days at the beginning of the drywall phase where I had doubts about getting it done in this lifetime. But unless Jesus comes back in the next couple of weeks (which we should be continually praying for by the way...), it will be accomplished. I got 3 sheets done thursday night, and five sheets done last night when I inadvertently took a little nap and missed my small group meeting. As penance I installed holy drywall, five sheets of it.

In two weeks, it should all be up, DV. That's a latin abbreviation for Lord Willing.

Finest regards,


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