Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Really Impressed

It was a very white Troy and Isaac that greeted me when I got home tonight.

They had been painting.

Troy said they were going to paint the shop this week. I sort of thought he meant paint on the shop. Cause to say "paint the shop" that sort of implies you're going to get it all done.

And last night as we were cleaning up tools from putting up siding, he mentioned he and Isaac were going to paint the shop this week. I said, "You mean tomorrow?" Because that's all they had left of this week.

He said, "Yup. If tomorrow's Friday, then I mean tomorrow."

So ok. They'll paint on the shop today, Isaac's last day here and Troy's last vacation day.

But I get home and the shop door's open, and I can see they got a lot of painting done. Troy and Isaac fairly run to meet my car, which is a sure fire sign that they want to show something off to me. Troy says I have to settle a disagreement he and Isaac have had about how much more paint they need.

Then I walk in and see this:
(facing north-west)

and this:
(facing north-east)

And obviously the answer to the dispute is zero. They need zero more paint.

HOLY COW!! Is what I said. I was impressed.

You should be too: it's very impressive.

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davidbanga said...

Good work! I guess that paint sprayer worked out for you...

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