Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Conversation on the way home from church Sunday:

Troy: I really wish one of us really liked to cook...

Christina: Ya, that would be easier.

Troy: ...especially if it was you.

Ha ha.

So we still struggle with putting food on the table every night. Right now Troy's working hard on emptying the freezer of meat as we expect another pig this spring from our neighbour farmer. We've also been experimenting with cooking on top of the oil stove in the kitchen. Troy recently got a cast iron dutch oven at the church's youth auction and it is particularly suited to the oil stove.

We've found these "one pot" dinners are a super way to use all the canned carrots we have (and weren't eating as a veggie side). We're also still working on potatoes from last fall. They are storing well in the shop, and besides being a little extra dusty are just as good now as they were last fall.

I also finally broke down and bought a new hot-air popcorn popper. I'd gotten the last one as an engagement gift, 18 years ago! (Thank you, Tammy.) The new one does such a better job; I should have bought it sooner rather than put up with bad overcooked popcorn for the last year. This is related, by the way, to the previous topic as popcorn is my first choice for a quick late dinner. (Especially as it is usually Troy making it for me!!)

Eat well! We're still trying...

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