Sunday, March 07, 2010

Back to Work

Earlier this week Troy and I agreed this weekend would be a great time to resume the siding. (More specifically, I suggested it and offered him my time, and he didn't want to repeat a previous mistake and say no.) This weekend was so good because we had no other commitments and it was supposed to be sunny and in the 40s (F).

This morning I heard we had a 50% chance of rain in the afternoon...that put a damper on things! But the rain hadn't started by the time we got home from church so we decided to run out there and do what we could until the rain started. Our attitude was that if we couldn't work a full session, even a half hour or full hour would get us that much ahead.

An "early" start meant we were out there a little after 2:00. Wait, do I need to remind you of where we left off? We had got the south wall done up to the door last fall:
Before we started today

Hmm...I just looked back in the blog archives to refer to the last siding update, and it looks like I never did show you how far we got.* (Shame on me.) But this is how the shop has looked since December (?) or whenever we got taken over by the cold and snow. (We were lucky the scaffolding wasn't frozen in place when we tried to move it today.)

We recommenced today
Partway through today's work

and almost got done the south wall.
At the end of the day

I was very eager to put up one more piece, but Troy called an end to the day at 6:00 because he had other things to do.

We're adding the base pieces as we go, so Troy had to take some time today to work a corner fitting.
The weather, by the way, turned out perfect; it never did rain. It was warm enough to work in just a sweatshirt (even me!) and not too bright and sunny. I commented to Troy at some point just how perfect a day it was for working outside and that if it were sunny I would regret having to work, even if I was outside.

And you know? not 10 minutes later the sun came out. I felt like it was taunting me.
But you know I love the sun; I can't hold a grudge.

*ETA: I did update you on the shop; it just wasn't labeled properly. If you need proof, it's here.

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