Thursday, July 07, 2011

Getting to the Bottom of It

Troy wrote about tearing out the floor already, but I'll share a few more details.

Looking into the southeast corner before we started:
And after we were done:
(We didn't quite get the last layer of linoleum up in that corner. The lovely brown colour was painted on top of the original floral pattern.)

And looking into the north east corner:

We got this area down to the plank floor. From here we just build up.

There was one piece of flooring that didn't quite get pulled up (yet) in the corner.
It's amazing how high that step feels. (It's probably about 1.5".) We all laughed on Wednesday that the ceiling got quite a bit higher. There were a lot of layers on that floor, including a section of paneling. Yes, paneling on the floor. The house really needs a rescuing from its previous renovations.

Troy and David also found a wide gap between the kitchen and hallway to the dining room:
It's almost 4" wide, goes straight down to the basement. It was covered with a piece of trim. You know, why make something solid when trim will put it out of sight? Yup, this renovation project is a rescue mission.

All the layers of linoleum were somewhat interesting. Obviously there was an aqua and white check pattern at some point:
It was painted with at least two different colours.

The back of one of the layers had this basket weave pattern:
Was there ever a time when they sold two-sided linoleum? Stores could stock half as much inventory with that system.

It's a big pain in the butt and a lot of time and work, but it does feel good to rip out all this crap and start "fresh" and right. (Yes, Troy feels very strongly about how you do and do not fix/remodel a house. It is a moral issue as far as he is concerned.)

We will be busy for the next while bagging the trash (thankfully today is trash day) and cutting stuff up into manageable pieces. And ripping up that last bit of diarrhea brown painted linoleum. Why would anyone ever?


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