Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We triumph over the kitchen floor.

I have been slowly chipping away at the kitchen.  A lot of old crap had to be removed before the new not-crap could be installed.  But the old flooring had just about defeated me.  Depending on where you looked, it had 6-8 layers of vinyl and plywood and waferboard, and other assorted crap. The various colors and designs ranged from lurid to emetic.  Of course, there were multiple sets of fasteners driven through all those many layers.  We counted them.  There were a jillion and six.

That's where I got stumped and discouraged on my own.  Even with my biggest pry bar, it would literally tear a slot in the plywood sandwich rather than come loose from the floor.  I just couldn't contemplate individually pulling a jillion and six nails and staples.

Flying in to the rescue came....DAVID AND WENDY!  After feasting on some amazing Kulesia Burgers, we set to work.

With two or three of us prying simultaneously, we got it to come up in big 4' x 4' sheets, the bottom of which looked like a porcupine.  Here's Wendy pounding 8,941 of those nails and staples flat so they could be further cut up and disposed of:

  We christened the new game, WHACK-A-NAIL.

It will take a few days to hack up and dispose of all the resultant debris, but there's nothing specially difficult about that part.  I feel like the project can carry on at its regular almost brisk pace now.  Ok, steady.  Ok, slow.  Slow but steady.

So, once again, intentional Christian community solves intractable depressing problem.

You should try it if you haven't.

Finest regards,


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