Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's in the Garden?

You may recall that Troy cut back in the garden this year. His corn was doing very well, but we got some mighty severe winds yesterday:
We were spared the extended power outage that a lot of others are dealing with, but a lot of the corn looks like elephants when through it. Ok, not elephants, but cows at least.

We have some fruit that has made it this far. The peach trees dropped a lot of fruit and the squirrels took almost all of the apples. The ones that are left are this....


I also found a red dragonfly in the garden. I'm not sure I've seen one before.
Possibly an Autumn Meadowhawk?

I also found lots of these beetles:
I don't know what they are, These Detroit Japanese beetles are doing lots and lots of damage to the grape vines and apple trees. Not good.
Apparently they eat anything and everything in the garden and as an added bonus the larvae kill/damage your lawn. If curious, read this article for a program to reduce local populations.

Troy assures me that they also are not resistant to squashing.

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