Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's Midnight; Let's Talk Stoves

I've been shopping for a stove, a range, a cooking appliance. We'd like to know what we're getting, and probably even order it before we finalize the cabinets. (Plus we may even hook it up and cook with it.)

I got stuck on the idea of a 36" hoping for more cooking space, especially when I have two big pots going for canning. I found two models that seemed to be available in my price range:

1. From Premier
The SLK249W model has five burners and that little side storage for the griddle plate. It didn't have great reviews, but most users concluded that you got your money's worth. Considering this is in the range that we want to pay for a stove, can we ask for anything more?

2. From Summit
It's the WLM4307 model, their basic 36". They have a similar model but with clock, timer, window and interior light for about $150 more. We don't want the clock or timer, are neutral on the window and would like the interior light. But spending $150 for a light doesn't seem worth it to me. I think it has an "old timey" look to it, however, that may fit the house.

The oven is a lot smaller than the first model I showed, only about 2.5 cuft. As long as it's big enough to cook a turkey, I think I'm good with that. I don't cook that much and I certainly don't make dinners for 20+ people, ever.

I couldn't find any reviews on the Summit ranges and that kind of worries me. If you know anything about them (or the Premier), please do tell!

Then Troy suggested looking at some Viking ranges because a friend likes them. First off, you can't find the price online so I know it is out of my league. But I did a little drooling. They also are available in about 20 colours (another indicator that I can't afford them). Despite having a beautiful red and striking orange, I decided on the cobalt blue. I think it would be stunning! This is the 36" model, VGCC5364QCBLP:
with 4 burners and center grill. And this is the 30" model, DCCG13014BCBLP:
with four buners under a continuous grill.

I went ahead and requested a quote, but I'll be surprised if they aren't double what we want to spend. Oh well. White is good.

ETA: I just got an email with an estimated quote. $7,950 for the 36" Viking and $4,400 for the 30". So I was not being overly pessimistic about the price.

I guess it'll be white...unless I go crazy with some enamel paint.

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