Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blood Red Moon and Other Bad Omens

While driving home late-ish tonight, I was astounded by a huge blood red moon hanging in the sky. I think that is in part an effect of the moon being close to the horizon so I was hurrying home so I could try catch it in a photograph.

I dashed in the house, put on a jacket (because the nights are surprisingly cool again!), grabbed the camera and ran outside. Fortunately for me I had a little flashlight on. (Back story: I usually prefer to make my way in the dark--I know my own house and own property enough to get around. Troy prefers a flashlight, anytime, every time. We go back and forth on this, but tonight I had a flashlight.)

As I was about to cross some weeds to climb onto a stump in the fence row to get a clear view of the moon, my flashlight flashed across something and I stopped. Fortunately in time.
This little spider (not so little actually) was hanging in the air on its little (not so little actually) web.
The main part of the web was not quite two feet across and the spider was hanging above the height of my belly button.
I almost walked into that! gives me the heeby jeebies!
But, fortunately I stopped in time. The web was not damaged. The spider was not disturbed. I was not heeby jeebied.

As a side note, the spider did not seem to object to being the centre of attention. Perhaps it knew that if anything, the light would draw a bigger dinner. And fortunately a couple of the pictures turned out because none of the moon pictures came out at all.

Sweet dreams!

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Mary VK said...

Wonderful photos--prize winners, I think! Is there a ribbon for these too at the fair?

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