Monday, August 01, 2011

The Kitchen's Torn Apart...Time to Make a Plan

We had a good trip to Missouri last week visiting with family. (You can see I played around with the panoramic feature on my camera. If you look close (click pic to embiggen) you can see how it's stitched together from separate pictures.)

On the way home, I put on my construction hat and got Troy to list off everything we need to yet do in the kitchen so we could get a little organized and I would know what was going on. It was a long list.

Before winter sets in, we would like to:
1. rough in plumbing for sink, tap over stove, and island sink
2. put in propane line for stove
3. remove pipes from old boiler heat
4. level floor
5. put in subfloor
6. rough in wiring, including power for island (some of this is done)
7. install or at least rough in stove vent
8. put up vapour barrier
9. put up drywall
10. blow insulation into walls
11. put foam insulation on ceiling
12. drywall on ceiling
13. install tile on floor where the oil stove will go
14. install oil stove and new oil storage tank

After that we can (listed in no particular order):
15. final measure and order cabinets
16. install cabinets
17. install cabinet lights
18. remove paneling from wall
19. install counters (including island)
20. install broom closet behind fridge
21. build bench for booth
22. tile back splash
23. install wood flooring
24. install ceiling lights
25. trim window
26. run telephone wire

That will get us a functional kitchen with counters, floors, ceiling on one half, and lights. And it will include all the normal appliances in the kitchen--how exciting! We expect to live in a kitchen with unfinished interior walls and half a ceiling for a while. This will give Troy the access he'll need to wire and plumb the upstairs. We also are moving the door to the bathroom and probably won't finish the kitchen walls until we move the door (which won't be at least until we get the upstairs bathroom fully functional).

Troy is planning to build the bench seating for the booth so that may not get done for a while either as we can use our table and chairs in the corner without any loss of convenience.

That's the plan. (Let me know what we forgot!)

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