Sunday, August 14, 2011

Very First Fruit

After several years of carefully tending his fruit trees, Troy has gotten his very first edible fruit:
Although he offered it to me, I gave him the honor of eating it:
He said it was "average." Not exactly glowing praise. I noticed, however, that it was a free stone peach and that makes it very good for canning (which is our primary interest)...and you can always add more sugar. ;)

One of the peach trees is just loaded with fruit:
These are Harken Peaches.

The other peach tree with fruit is the Frost Peach:
They are much less red (as you can see) and do not have that irresistible sun-kissed look about them.

One apple tree (Empire) has a couple apples, but they are small and bug-spotted and don't look very appealing. I don't think we'll get any apples this year.

As for the rest of the garden, the only thing blooming now that the glads are done are the hibiscus bushes.
The pink blooms are gorgeous and huge. (Larger than my niece's face, as I told her.) This one bush has both pink blooms and white ones with a dark red center. Is that normal?

They both are putting out a incredible number of buds. You may not be able to make them all out, but this bloom, for example,
has seven more buds waiting right behind it. It's a good thing, because they don't last much more than a day once they're open.

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