Sunday, August 28, 2011

Servitude Sunday: Pipe Dreams

Troy has become quite motivated to work on the kitchen as he has felt the push of autumn. It started with all the work he directed Isaac to do, and now that he is gone Troy has been doing his own work.

I thought maybe I should do my part. I told Troy this week that I was his to direct for two hours each Sunday. Fully recognizing it's not a lot, it's also a lot more than I have been doing so we would start there. Troy immediately got a focused look in his eyes and I could tell he was envisioning all the stuff he could have me help with.

This week in particular it came down to putting down some subfloor or taking out some pipes in the basement. We split it down the middle by buying the plywood for the subfloor but actually working on the pipes.

Troy has been roughing in the plumbing drain and propane line for the kitchen and the old pipes in the basement were in his way. So I spent my first Sunday of servitude holding pipes above my head while Troy cut them apart with angle grinder. Then I would carry them out to the scrap metal pile. There were quite a few pipes and I carried out figuratively tonnes of brass, steel and copper pipe.

We finally had enough of the pipes lining the ceiling out that we could tackle this mess:
Those are some big pipes in a rat's nest configuration right above the boiler. Troy started the first cut and then the water came gushing out. We put a bucket under it and waited. We emptied it several times and then went and ate supper while it continued to drain.

Troy ended up cutting this apart without me and I think he got tired of waiting and just let some water run onto the floor because it was pretty wet when I went back down. By that time, Troy had the boiler disconnected from the electric as well and was ready to haul it out. He was so excited to get it out of there!

We managed to drag it up the stairs and have kicked it to the curb (so to speak).
Troy is planning to take it and the rest of the scrap to the scrap metal place this week and maybe we can get some "money money money" from all that crap!! Even if we don't, we have quite a bit more room to move in the basement and Troy can continuing running the plumbing lines. Both are good things.

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