Friday, October 28, 2011

Fake Kitchen Progress

Troy really wanted to unpack all the cabinets and make sure they fit and weren't damaged, even though that would mean setting them up in the kitchen and then taking them all out again. I could see his point, but even more I could see the tedium of it all.

Tonight we got started on the base cabinets:
Does that look like a fake kitchen to you? We're getting closer (to a real one, I mean).

I am not overjoyed with the look of the finish. I find it shallow and pale, but I'm choosing not to let it bother me. (Can't you tell?) I worried that drawers to match the doors would be too busy, but now they look so very plain. Pulls would help so I just have to wait for final judgment. Troy has relented a little on the pulls and so we may return the 50 we got and get the other style that I preferred. (They really do look smashing on the cabinets!)

So far the cabinets themselves look great. Troy is happy with the quality and we haven't banged one up yet. We had a great opportunity to do so as we worked the corner cabinet in--we had to remove the front door to get it in and it was a very close one!

I also gave Troy and myself a good scare as I was laying things out on the west wall. I told him we were 3.5 inches short of fitting the stove in. He was very concerned; I just figured we'd ditch the 6" spice cabinet. (I'd miss it, but the stuff has to fit.) Then I realized I was confused and was trying to fit in a 36" stove. We bought a 30" one. All was good again. (Although I'm not sure Troy has forgiven me for scaring him like that yet.)

Time for some sleep now. We put in 4 hours on this tonight and we don't even have half of them in. (Or back out again...) [ETA: When I wrote this, I was thinking we spent the whole night on cabinets, but actually half the time was spent putting up some more drywall on the north wall so it's not as bad as I thought.]

Up next: Troy really thinks we will be blowing insulation on Sunday. We'll see...

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