Sunday, October 23, 2011

Servitude Sunday: Over time

More drywall done today.

The first piece we cut had seven cutouts: three outlets, the exhaust fan box, gas pipe, water pipe and a power cord.
We thought once that was in, all the hard ones were done. Turns out that wasn't quite right, but we carried on.

Most of the dryall is being dropped in the gap between the new floor and the studs:
The vapour barrier is wrapped from behind the drywall, down under the drywall and then back up. Some silicone has been put between the plastic and the floor to make a good seal.

It didn't go quite as quick as we had hoped, but by the start of Sunday night football, we had all the drywall up:
All the drywall we had purchased that is. (Gotcha.)

Although it's nice to have the floor clear again (even if it's covered in drywall dust), it would have been nicer to have enough drywall to finish.
We need two more sheets of 8-foot and two more of 10-foot. The pieces that are left do not have many cutouts so hopefully they will go pretty quickly.

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