Sunday, October 02, 2011

Servitude Sunday: Electrifying

Troy put me to work as electrician's apprentice today. He had a lot of the wiring done but we had more to do. Plus he had done wiring inside the room but needed my help to run it down to the panel in the basement.

We ran five lines down to the basement and did a thorough review of all our electric needs. We think we got them all.

Before we got started today, we did a little shopping at Menards. I had to show Troy the fan switch I wanted (it's a dimmer/toggle combination) and convince him to get the flat rectangle light switches. (I did.) Then when we got home we had a sudden fear that we couldn't get a cover plate for a rectangle switch and regular duplex outlet combination. Never fear, they do sell them. (Otherwise poor Troy would have to redo his outlet!) What a lot of details in building a house--why didn't any one tell me? ha ha.

The other thing we got at Menards is taking up all the room in my newly floored kitchen:
That's right--drywall!! Troy was very optimistic and thought we might get the wiring done and vapour barrier up so we could start drywall. (We really are that close!) I did say that I would work more than two hours if it meant getting even one piece of drywall up but ended up not having to deliver on that promise.

And not to sound too Pollyanna but having a pile of drywall in the middle of your kitchen not only helps stave off Alzheimer's, it also gives me a stair master machine I have to use so I "automatically" get exercise!

Oh, and one genuine source of happiness: I just discovered that we have wild grapes growing on the property. I absolutely love them and don't remember having them since grade school.

Popping the first one in my mouth brought back all those memories of recesses spent eating ourselves [almost] sick on grapes. (They were very sour as I recall and we would dare each other with how many we would eat at one time.)

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