Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cabinet-palooza Continues

We've had another busy and productive week.

The dishwasher is fully functioning. The sink works. (In case you missed my many posts on Facebook!) It has been such a blessing. I feel free to do stuff now because I know I have an easy way to clean things up. Such a relief.

What I was surprised at is how much nicer it has made the bathroom again. The counter is clear, I can hang just one hand towel again and there are no dirty or clean dishes spread on the floor. It can just be a bathroom again. Nice.

Troy got the power running to everything but the plug for the fridge. I haven't moved in the small appliances yet as the counters aren't ready. It will be nice to be able to melt the butter at the same time as popping the popcorn. Or to use the microwave while the coffee pot is on.

Troy's been trying the under-cabinet lighting:
He "unvented" (as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say) the idea of using LED Christmas lights for under-cabinet lighting. I would prefer rope light to this messy style of string lights and when I went to look for them in Menards, there were actually more options in the lighting department than the holiday department--more people are using them under the cabinets! Unfortunately the rope lights were way too white and "cool" and we preferred the light from the ones above. They should be mounted so you can't see them so I guess it doesn't actually matter that they are "messy." (I'm assuming they'll be sloppier to mount as well, but who knows.)

Now that some of the cabinets are in, I am thinking of how to put stuff in the drawers and cabinets. One thing I did this week was make an organizer for the cutlery drawer:
If interested, you can read all the details on my other blog. I haven't gone crazy with moving stuff into the kitchen since we are still making big messes and would like all the handles on first. I expect it to take a while as everything needs to be thoroughly washed before coming into my new kitchen. (That's the rule!)

Yesterday I did final sanding and primed the wall on the south end...
and the north end...
and the ceiling. I used up every last drop of primer I had. Which is good because it was an old nasty can. Once again, getting a solid coat of white everywhere really helped to make the room more finished. The north end by the fridge location is ready for paint (which I bought earlier this week). The south end needed another touch of mud, which I applied this morning. After a trip to town for supplies, I hope it will be dry enough to sand and prime tonight.

When Troy got home from work yesterday he was suitably impressed with the painting I had gotten done. He was also inspired to keep it going and wanted to hang the upper cabinets. I told him I wasn't up to it and he countered, "What if all you have to do is put a support under the cabinet while I lift it into place?" I didn't answer because I knew that wouldn't be all that it was.

We hadn't hung any yet so I knew there would be some planning that had to be done, thinking through where stuff has to go, reading the "map" of where the studs and cross supports were. But Troy was not to be stopped. He asked for a cabinet. I showed him where it was. He lifted it into place. I held it up. He screwed it into place.

By 9:30 we had four of the cabinets up:
Yes, it looks great. Yes, Troy wanted to continue. But the next one was the corner cabinet which is not only still in the shop, but much heavier. More than I could handle. I drew the line and said I was done. Troy conceded, and not 5 minutes later commented on how tired he was. Good time to draw the line.

The other thing we had last night? The first dinner made in our new oven:
Pork roast with onions and potatoes and blueberry pie with crumble top. We were too tired and busy hanging cabinets to eat it. But the oven worked great. The continuous top is wonderful and it's nice to not see a huge open flame in the bottom of the oven like you did with our last one! (You can see a picture here where I was treating some wool.)

Exciting stuff going on here and I expect it to continue...

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