Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick Update

Hello again. Just a quick update since yesterday...

Ready for the big reveal?

Yes! All the cupboards are in/up/installed/DONE! Woo hoo. There is still trimming, etc, etc, but this is a big milestone in itself! And don't they look good!? I like the upper cabinets much more than the base cabinets. I don't know if it's just that the drawers are too plain or that the stain is actually darker on the top ones. (Troy doesn't think so.) If it's just that the uppers look darker because of the bad lighting we have right now, I may not let Troy improve it! Ok, maybe not.

You can see in the pictures that I mocked up the under cabinet lights by taping up the strings. We need to check how many bulbs we need and where. Seems like it should work once they're mounted better. But they will be handy even as they are as I am constantly reaching to turn on a light over the sink.

I did do the sanding yesterday and have declared it "the end." Troy said it was as good as professional but he didn't really mean that in a complementary way. I got the new mud primed today and I hope to paint on some color very soon. Then the fridge can move it. Oh my goodness, that would put all my big kitchen appliances in one room.

Something that didn't happen today was a new phone line. I won't get into it, but our phones have been out since Wednesday. Now that the line to the house is active again, Troy needs to run a new line into the house. Because he needed another thing to do... But anyway, you can try our cels if you need to talk to us.

Meanwhile I'll be figuring out how to sleep while staring adoringly at my cabinets. :)

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