Sunday, December 04, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets (Close Enough)

Boy, did we make some exciting progress today!

As soon as we got home (around 3:30), I got right to it. First up was some sweeping and cleaning up. Put away all the tools (and crap) that found themselves on top of the corner cabinet we were hoping to install today. Troy loaded all the extra lumber to be returned into the truck. The room was clear and ready for a serious make over.

I rounded up the paint supplies (from the basement, foyer and shop because why would all your paint supplies be in one spot?) and set to it. The goal was one coat of primer on everything that would end up behind a cabinet. (The rest of the walls need more mudding and sanding.)

What a lot of white. That's some good primer because one coat covered permanent markers, mud marks and everything else. (Except a little bit of very persistent mulberry bird poop. Good thing that will be behind some tile.)

Okay, check out all the blinding white in the following pics:

Once the paint was applied, Troy was ready to put the base down for the cabinets. This will make sure that the bottom of the cabinets will be even with the flooring we eventually will be putting in. Starting the cabinet work right after painting was no problem as the paint dried very, very quickly. The room is dry and very warm (we turned off the oil heater early in our day) and of course new paints have fewer volatiles, which makes them dry very quickly.

Once the base was screwed down, we could move in some cabinets:
Don't they look so pretty!? They room is also amazingly roomy without the 36x36 corner cabinet sitting in the middle of it! (It's like every time we empty stuff out of the room I rediscover how big it is.)

When we first put them in place, they were not level. :( How does that happen on a floor you made sure was level?? In any case, that's when we took a break for dinner and then I decided I was done for the day. (But don't worry, I had put in the equivalent of  two Servitude Sundays already.) Troy went back to work on it and got a couple of shims in place to level the cabinets. He reported that they are not actually screwed in, but that is all they lack to be installed. I said he was off the hook for the evening then...

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