Monday, December 12, 2011

The Flip Side

Yesterday I was a little down on the whole shopping experience, but I neglected to tell you the best part.

When we first mocked up the kitchen and brought in all the base cabinets for a dry fit, I held up our handles to see how they looked. First the style that we agreed to use (and had already bought a full supply of), and then the one that I preferred (and still had the one sample I couldn't let go of). I still liked the one I liked. With just a little wheedling (honestly, I stayed on the right side of whining and it really didn't take much), Troy gave in with a gracious, "Oh honey, get what you want." Why thank you, Mr. Honey, I think I will.

So I've been waiting these many weeks for my handles to go on sale. They finally did last week and I bought enough for the whole room. Yesterday, I returned the ones I didn't like. Happiness.

I will add that the tile I wanted was on sale as well, so I picked that up in the same trip. (This was all on Wednesday last week.) So now I have enough white tile to do the back splash. I'm still looking for a good green tile. Apparently they are out of fashion and now are hard to find.

So far I have managed to get the sinks, faucets, handles, and tile all for discounted prices. Now I know people do this every day. But usually when I get a sale, it's for something I wasn't really looking for but could use at such a good price. In these instances, they are things I know I am going to have to get, but I manage to get them on sale. Happiness.

Today I found the lights we are going to use for general overhead light. Now I will wait for them to go on sale and get them too. We need five or six. I'm willing to wait. (And it won't be that long.) Unless Troy goes superturbo and needs them sooner. For that, I wouldn't complain about paying full price...

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