Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cleaning up

So as I was sitting in my car after driving home from work yesterday, I realized that I was not just enjoying a "moment" before going into the house as I often do...I was avoiding going into the house! Everything's a mess, there was not a single room that I could just sit and relax in. Sitting on the couch covered in platic coated with dust/dirt is not an option. The bedroom's messy and doesn't have a chair...I wasn't quite ready for bed yet! The kitchen is full of lumber and the table saw. On and on...I was sick of it.

So I cleaned up last night and this morning. I took the plastic off the couch since Troy is finished making big messes for now. And I vacuumed...and vacuumed. Floors, furniture, shelves, rabbit cage, and everything on them. Got the living room and dining rooms done, but not the entryway, piano, etc etc. (Ok, focus on the positive for just a moment, Christina.) It all felt much better as I left today. AND I noticed Troy is finished framing in the opening. Well, it looks like he is anyway:

All for now. I should get home and enjoy it.


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