Friday, April 18, 2008

Deconstruction makes way for construction

Hello again. Just some pictures to show you some progress in the dining room. Every time I try to take a picture of an entire room I am more impressed with the photos in magazines. Sure, they have better camera accessories, but it still takes a lot of skill. Anyway, here is some of the newly completed framing in the dining room:The wall on the left faces south (the front of the house). As you can see, we have very fancy curtains hanging in the windows. Ok, maybe not...

Next we have evidence of Troy going foam-crazy. Well, maybe I'll let you decide on the crazy when you visit our crazy-like-a-fox warm house when it's done. Anyway, evidence of his quest to insulate:

And the next picture is evidence of the thickness of the exterior walls: Twelve inches, baby! Forgive the blur, please. I took the pic left-handed, and in quite a contorted position, as I recall. All so that the numbers would be upside right. You're welcome. The window boxes will be even wider. I'm sure we'll put some window seats in the biggest two windows.

Next are the panels he's inserting between the ceiling joists. Formerly, the house didn't have anything of the kind which resulted in a big mess and a not very effective job when they blew in insulation. Since we are also blowing in insulation, we wanted to do it right, of couse. The panels will keep the insulation from being blown all above the ceiling and make sure it can settle properly in the walls. This may seem obvious, but may I repeat that the previous "home improvers" did not do it? With warmer weather upon us, work on the shop will take precedence but the plan will be to have the drywall up and insulation blown in by next winter. That gives us some time, right?

And lest you think I will have one beautifully finished room when that is done, let me show you the interior walls of the same room: (the door leads to a closet, and the right white "column" is a chimney we can't get rid of)Yeah, and all the exterior walls will have precedence over these ones. Ah well, all in good time...

To leave on a positive note, can I tell you how nice it is to be able to sit in the house in a T-shirt? Mmmm...I love sunny days.


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