Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good news...perhaps great!

Yesterday Troy began the calls to concrete companies and the building inspector (we'll call him Mr S) to get the work going on the shop again. Lo and behold! Mr S volunteers the information that the insulated shallow foundation is on track to get put into the Michigan Code in May. Like next month May. Wow! This would be great despite the slight delay this might entail because it means 1. Troy would get the foundation he wants, 2. we wouldn't have to tear out the work that was completed last summer. That would hopefully save some significant time.

Troy is not dancing in the streets (take a moment to try and imagine that) because it is not done yet. And he still suspects Mr S may just be evilly giving him hope only to joyfully yank the rug out later. Who knows? But for now, I am taking this as a sign of good things to come and a welcome answer to prayer. I've been trying to pray for the good of my enemies and not the bolt of lightning that would be more satisfying. It would be nice to think this may be a resulting blessing. Again who knows? (I'm more than a little cautious about assigning cause and effect where God's motives and purposes are concerned!) I am grateful for the unexpected announcement and possible change in our circumstances.

Troy thinks your prayers would be put to better use on more important things like people with cancer and the like, but I think God has time for all things. So our prayer warrior friends out there, feel free to give us a thought or two and we would appreciate it.


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