Friday, June 20, 2008

Inspection down the drain

This post was going to be called "Where oh where is the inspector?" b/c Troy has been done the plumbing for some days but the inspector showed up before I wrote the blog. (I guess he won that one.) Yesterday we came home to an approval on the plumbing work Troy has done...with one caveat: Troy must add a T-joint and cleanout pipe which is accessible from the outside of the builing. Troy does not think this is necessary (or he would have done it in the first place) and he's not sure why Mr Inspector wants it, but what can you do. (And this is not Inspector BS in case you are wondering.)

Here are some shots of Troy's lovely work. In the first shot, the closest drain is for the sink and the next ones for the facilities. (No shower, but I really hate to call it a "powder room" in a shop!)
In this next shot the first drain is for the mechanic shop and the next one down the line will service the biodiesel station. You use a lot of water to wash vegetable oil.

Lastly, we have a shot of the 2x6s Troy is adding to the top of the outside of the forms. This was part of the revisions to the plans made for Inspector BS earlier this spring. It will serve to make a thicker floor and foundation.
That is all for now. Troy has had good clear weather for the most part, although very hot outside on a lot of days. That is not really a complaint, just reporting the conditions.


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