Monday, June 30, 2008

Many hands make quick work...and turkeys come watch

Parents arrived yesterday and soon after, a child. Troy and I are still working this week until Thursday so he put them to work while we were gone today! What a great family. Well, ok, Isaac's getting paid for it, but as far as I can see the 'rents are doing it just cause they love us because really, why else would you do it? In one day they got lots done on laying the foam insulation and more re-bar (re-rod? is there a difference?) and cleaning out all the flotsam that has collected between the forms over the winter.
Warren cutting some foam to fit and Isaac cleaning out the "gutters" at the end of a productive day:

Ok, and what about the turkeys?? Well, they came around for a visit on Sunday while Troy was off to the airport to pick up kid and Warren and Peggy were just about to arrive. I look out the window and see two turkeys daring to come out on the lawn.

As I continued to watch I finally saw two poulets traveling with them. You can see one between the parents in this shot. (Excuse the glare from the window I couldn't open.) I don't see the second poulet although I know it's close by.

All the news for now. Troy only works a half day tomorrow so who knows how much they'll all get done tomorrow! Tune in next time...


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