Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why we can't pour cement yet

I realized after posting my last blog that I gave the impression that we were ready to pour cement. But I had forgotten a crucial step: insulation. (How could I forget? If you've read about it once on this blog, you've read it a hundred times: insulation insulation insulation...) Anyway, Troy had not forgotten and set about to put down the insulation board that he bought last year when it was on sale. He cleaned out three stores in the area, and it has been precariously stored in huge stacks at the back of our property line. I think we had to pick up pieces scattered by the wind only once (this stuff can really fly) before we got serious about weighing it down with firewood. (Of course! We have loads of feld trees still laying around back there.)

Here is Troy laying the first piece. (I'm hearing a drum roll in my head.) He has to cut all of the pieces on the first layer to fit around the stakes from the forms.
And here is one evening's work:
Troy is putting down two layers of foam board for four inches of insulation. And then laying out 1/2 mile of re-rod. He had to special order that quantity but it arrived in a very speedy manner and didn't slow him down at all (like he feared).
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