Friday, June 20, 2008

Small Garden Update

I can't remember if I mentioned that I had two peonies come up in wild places in the yard. This dark pink one is growing past the edge of our lawn in the start of the woods. It bloomed last year as well.
And then this one came up right in the middle of a big evergreen bush in the front lawn. I mean really! It had two lovely light pink blooms. I really want to move it, but I don't know how I shall get it out without destroying it. So for now, it stays.
I bought myself a treat at the local farm market store. They had some beautiful pieces from Mexico and I couldn't resist this rabbit in a gorgeous cobalt blue. I used my birthday money, so thanks, Tom and Clures!
And since nothing else is really blooming or flourishing around the place right now I will show off Troy's potatoes which couldn't be happier or doing better. They're planted along the west wall of the kitchen. And yes that is shredded paper mulch. Troy seems to like nothing better than shredding our sensitive papers and then so-called burying them in the garden.

Enjoy your garden, wherever you are,

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