Friday, June 27, 2008

The Power of Triangles

Troy has been busy filling in the gravel around the plumbing. On Tuesday he rented one of those thumper things and tamped everything down good. Yesterday he worked with a sledgehammer and worked on all the little corners the big thumper couldn't get to. Everything is looking flat and solid.

And what about the power of triangles? That was a comment Troy made as we installed the supports for the forms on Wednesday night. Did you notice the "we" there? I had to help as the job turned out to sometimes be a four-hand-and-a-foot sort of job between holding the board straight, forcing the support into place and running the screw gun. Some of the 2x6s were extremely warped but a lot of screws and a couple supports went a long way and things look pretty good now.
We should be pouring concrete soon. Troy was talking with Inspector BS yesterday and he reminded Troy that his permit expires on July 12. It would be nice to have it poured by then, but it's not a huge deal if it's not. (The permit was about $200, so that would be the most we'd pay for a new permit. BS did say he would cut us a break if he got the first pre-pour inspection done since the permit is supposed to include 6 inspections...and if he's already done one, we would only pay for 5 inspections. Or something like that.)

That's the week in a nutshell.

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