Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Down the Drain

We've had more plumbing issues. The kitchen sink has been slow to drain and occasionally clogged on and off for a couple months. Troy has tackled the problem with snakes, draino, more industrial draino, plungers and all to no permanent avail. He finally had to snake the drain and drain pipes in three different spots and removed some big ol' clogs. The sink has now been working nicely for a couple weeks so we are hopeful that is done.

The upstairs bathroom sink started giving trouble in July. I was in the kitchen and heard a strange sound behind me. Investigation led to the discovery of a little water on the floor from the drain pipe above. So the bathroom sink was leaking...a little bit...sometimes. Troy figured the joint by the U bend was no good and when enough water drained to fill the trap, the rest went out and down into the kitchen. So we had no useful sink in the bathroom for a week or so. The first repair with caulk didn't take, so Troy pulled out the big guns--epoxy--and that has seemed to fix it.

So we are running on all sinks again. Yeah! Life is full of all these decisions about what needs fixing, what is worth fixing, and what can wait for the new refit it will get as we continue to remodel.


ETA: The bathroom sink repair did not "take." So we don't have a working sink upstairs...ho hum...sigh...

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