Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to Put up a Truss

Ok, so how do you put up a truss without a crane or a crew?

First you drag the truss off of the pile and into the shop.Next you tie a rope to the corner, throw the other end over the wall, climb up after it, and haul up the truss. Then you tie that corner so it is secure and won't fall back down.
Then you tie the rope over the other corner, throw it over the wall, climb up after it, and haul that side up too.
Now that the truss is hanging upside down, it's time to right it. But first, don't forget to untie the first corner so it can flip freely. Rotating the truss into position starts on the ground. One person pushes the corner up with a stick; the other rolls the scafolding under it.
Once the truss is laying securely on the scaffolding, you climb up after it, and then flip it over your head so it's standing upright.
Now it's time to get the truss in the final position. The person on the scaffolding supports the truss while the other person climbs onto the wall to "scoot" the base of the truss into position on the wall, both in the east/west and north/south directions. Once in place, there only remains to link it to the previous truss with a couple 1x4s.
Keep in mind that this is all being done 12 feet off the ground (a nice cushy concrete pad) and the trusses are none too stable as they wiggle, wobble, and warp all over the place.

If all goes smoothly, this can all be done in 20 minutes.

Isaac and Troy got the cap piece (Troy says that's the heavy one) and three additional trusses up in Isaac's last week. Troy and I got four more up yesterday evening. I forget how many there will be in total...maybe I don't want to know yet.

There's something very appealing and poetic about the symmetry and repetition of trusses lined up in a row:

All for now. Enjoy whatever you are doing...or what your partner has somehow roped you into...



davidbanga said...

that last picture of your trusses and symmetry is an outstanding picture...can you email/give me a higher resolution copy so i might use it sometime? i promise to tell you first...:)

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling all Amishy as I read about this. I certainly hope that you set up a table under the trees, brought out the 3-bean salad, potato salad and lemonade in addition to putting up the trusses and taking the photos. All of this in a nice long pastel dress of course.

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