Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Toot! Toot!

That's the sound of me tooting my own horn, as I plan to do in this posting. I entered the country fair for the first time and although I can't exactly claim I "cleaned up," I did net a few ribbons. The thing I thought should do the best was the sweater I knit for Troy a couple years ago: It's an adaptation of a Michael Kors design that appeared in Vogue Knitting. It did not impress the judge all that much, apparently, because it was placed third ($1.50). If the sweater I saw with the blue ribbon was in the same category then I would have to say that I am not impressed with the judge. (The blue ribbon sweater was nothing much, with apologies to the maker.)

My crochet bag also received a third place ribbon. I was ok with that. It was very hard to see what it was up against especially since it was in a miscellaneous category. If this bag
was in the same category it should have had a ribbon too. It was very cute. But I didn't see any ribbons on it. Shame on the judges.

I scored a second place ribbon on a pair of leg warmers I knit for a friend but I couldn't get a good pic. They hung it very far away from the viewing lane. Now, quit laughing at the idea of leg warmers--they are very cool leg warmers. They are! (Really, quit laughing now.)

My big prize--the blue ribbon--was awarded for a photo I took last fall:It's not my favourite pic, but I entered it because everyone seems to like it. And apparently the judge liked it too. Good for me. $3.50 good.

One last pic that I really liked which also got a blue ribbon. (I didn't take this one.)
So besides bragging rights, I also won $8.50 in prize money. And before you scoff, please realize that will buy me a Big Mac meal with 3 chocolate chip cookies (they're good). So I will celebrate tomorrow with lunch. Oh wait, maybe not tomorrow; I should probably wait til I get the check in the mail.

Well, time for me to start working on next year's projects!

Enjoy whatever you are working on today, and if you get a chance to toot your own horn, do it!

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