Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Evidence of a Fallen World

About the time that we were installing truss number 11, we had to switch from putting up the north end first to putting up the south end first. We dragged the truss over like usual, put it up like all the others, flipped it up and then tried to line it up with the rest. But Troy couldn't get the center to match at the same time as my getting the south end to match. We studied the matter and, although we couldn't be sure, we concluded that the trusses are not symmetrical! Well, sh*t.

This was at the end of a long evening. Not the time to be fixing stuff. Especially stuff that wasn't our fault to fix. Ho hum. So Troy starting spouting ideas for lining up the peak but adjusting the ends so that they would match and wouldn't interfere with the insulation, etc etc etc. I let him go on for a few minutes, and then said, "You know it will always bug you. We have to take it down. If we can put them up, we can take them down." So yes, we took it down, turn it around, and put it back up before we retired for the night. And the next night when we started again, we made very sure we put the right end of the truss up on the right side!

In the redeemed world, trusses will be symmetrical.

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