Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shop continued

Well, I am back after a long absence. Work continues to progress quickly. Isaac's been working his heinie off and we've had more "working company" which is great. Keep on coming!

Troy and Isaac got the inside wall completed on three sides while I was gone. Tom took care of adding as much plywood as he could without the scaffolding.

The east wall only has a couple short pieces of wall to put up since it will be mostly taken up by an overhead door.

Tom and Isaac were also kept busy putting on lots and lots of plywood squares to link the two walls, making them act as one unit and thus much stronger. We do not need this thing blowing over.

We only have one more week to get our most out of Isaac so we will try to get the most! Up next should be putting up the roof trusses. We think they've arrived at Lowe's (Lowe's was a little unclear about it, but we're working on it). In any case, they'll be here soon.

Friends are reporting that they can now see the shop from the road (the walls are 12 feet high) and are happy to be able to follow progress as they drive by. The new roof will really grab a lot of attention.

Well, that's all for now. Time to finish up laundry and then head to the county fair...

PS: Troy has corrected me. They're not "flying buttresses." They're just buttresses.

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