Monday, February 02, 2009

Back to Work

We have recommitted ourselves to the projects at hand and to working longer, harder, and just plain more...until we can't stand it again, anyway. We've had a little lull lately and that's ok, for a while, but then it's time to get back at it.

So this Sunday--Superbowl or no Superbowl--we bought 25 more sheets of drywall (about what the truck can handle) and went to put them up. But wait, drywall requires moisture barrier, tedious though it may be. So we worked at getting a 100' long, 8'4" wide piece arranged and hung around two interior walls that butted up against the outside wall. And when we were done, it was swEEt! (That's my "Peyton 'sweet'"--you know like in the commercial where he goes to San Diego and he says the weather is swEEt! I love it.)
We got it stapled all down the wall, and mostly across the ceiling. We had two staplers going (Troy's new cordless from Ryobi and another electric from Harbor Freight Menards--for as long as that one lasts anyway) and we were smoking...and then we faced another interior wall on the other side, the late hour, the cold, and our hunger and we were done for the night. (And guess what? in time to still watch most of the Superbowl--lucky me!)

Here's a rare shot of Troy in his "domain." Doesn't he look like he could play in the Superbowl in that get up? Looking very buff (and puffed!)...
Let me just share with you that he's not quite so manly when he's sitting on the scaffolding telling me to push him around like he's some Egyptian Pharaoh...

That's all from the Gardens,

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davidbanga said...

Wow, it is really starting to look great in there! You guys should have it insulated just in time for the warm weather. :)

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