Sunday, February 08, 2009

Warm Weather and Consequences

Did you have the fabulous weather we had yesterday? Suddenly it was sunny, for one, and warm, for another. Saturday was a good good day. I did have to work in the morning, but after that I stayed in town to eat lunch and do some shopping. Every place was packed as people were only too happy to get out of the house, mostly without coats, certainly no mitts, hats, and scarves necessary and just wander around smiling at strangers as you shared a connection in the sheer joy of having warm sun on your face. Oh, and shopping, of course.

I got home in the late afternoon but was solar-powered to get some work done, and I did. I also had dinner ready to go when Troy got in and we did some more work in the shop before bedtime: finished hanging the plastic we left half-hanging last week (that long ago already?) and by unloading the pickup of all the plywood drywall we weren't quite getting on the walls yet. The truck is now, at least, ready for whatever task it may need to perform next. I knew I would be gone the next day so I gave Troy the homework of finishing to screw in all the drywall we had up on the walls which he can do without me.

Those were the positive consequences of warm sunny weather bursting upon us. There was also bad consequences.

Troy got home from work and walked into the house declaring that he got stuck in the driveway ramp to the shop. The ramp had been developing a depression in front of the shop edge, but with the warm weather and melting, it had completely turned to mud. (I was so happy to not have even tried to park in the shop when I got home!) His first thought was to pull it out with the tractor. But alas! the tractor is parked in the shop. His second thought was to pull it out with the truck. But alas! the truck is parked in the shop. So he got it out the old fashioned way with some wood and gravel and whatall. Needless to say, we are currently not parking in the shop (again). And this also means that until the ground freezes again (and we all know it will), the truck is essentially trapped in the shop because it would get stuck trying to drive out if we tried it now.

Today Troy took advantage of the lovely weather by cleaning his car (it being drenched in mud in addition to regular road throwup). He was much distressed to see his paint flying off the car as he used the pressure washer. And the one fender is rusting. So he cleaned it up, treated it, and repainted it today. And he did (or started?) another batch of biodiesel which also needs warm weather. We had run out of fuel for the oil stove in the kitchen and this may tide us through the next cold snap. All this is what I heard when I got home this afternoon to discover that he had not done his homework. Tsk tsk.

And this evening we did admire a lovely moon.
Troy had to offer the view twice before I did what I should have done in the first place: get off the couch and go to look. And as soon as I saw it, I thought, "Ooo, I have to try and get a picture." So typical of me to resist the experience, but as soon as I have it, to get a picture to capture it. Sometimes I think I would be happy enough not actually experience life if I could just get the pictures of some experiences.

That's not a good picture.

But it's the one I leave you with tonight,

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