Monday, February 02, 2009

Igloo Anyone?

Troy came into the house carrying this block of snow and I thought, "Oh no, now he's going to take up igloo-building." But no, he had already dismissed that idea (but it did cross his mind) and just wanted to show it off to me.

This was a small bit of the snow that he had to move to get at the pickup again. It has been snowed in for quite some time, and Troy had been snow blowing around it. Saturday he had to dig it out so we could use it for the fetching of plywood drywall. It was quite a job.

It is now in the shop, still full of plywood drywall since we did not get that unloaded yesterday. Troy would like to keep it in the shop for a while because the back window has leaked for quite some time and the interior is holding a lot more moisture than it should. Some time in the shop might dry it out. But in the very short term this has meant the cars are back out on the driveway, at least until we shuffle some more stuff around and try to make some room. (We keep running into chicken and egg issues.)

There also seems to be a mouse (or more) living in the glove box. I think I heard it trying to get out on the way to church and it made me a little nervous.

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