Friday, February 13, 2009

What You Don't Want to See

So Wednesday we had some torrential rains and high winds. There was considerable risk of being blown off the road in open spots on the way home. And you know that spot on the left of the windshield where the driver's side wiper pushes all the rain and it just sits there until it either flows down the windshield (if you're driving slow) or flows back to the side window (if you're driving fast)? Well, even as I was driving 50-55 mpg mph, the wind was actually blowing that water to the right across the windshield again. It was windy. And rainy. Ok, I think you get the point.

Anyway, as I walk into the house I hear noises that are a lot like water dripping. Now, there is a spot outside the kitchen where the water drips down from the roof and falls two stories onto the ground just outside the window that can make you think there's water dripping inside, but this was even closer. And louder. And yes, as I walk into the kitchen, the plywood we have on the floor to protect the foam insulation is wet and splattered. And there's water seeping through the bead board ceiling over the porch section of the kitchen.

I look around for Troy because he usually wants to know about these sorts of things so we can deal with them but I can't find him in the house. I presume then that he is working in the shop. (It turns out he was finishing his "homework" from the other day. Good, Troy; you get a silver star.) I look for the two-way radio, and see that they are actually both on his dresser. So he doesn't have one. And I briefly think about but quickly reject the idea of walking over to the shop in all the rain. So I pick up the phone and call his cel thinking, "Oh no, I have just become one of 'those' people." I mean I picked up the phone. Called his cel. While he was just 100 feet away in the shop. Shameful. But it worked. And I stayed dry. So there. [/end defensive rant]

Anyway, it turns out he knew about the water but just didn't see much to do about it. I rounded up a couple pails and put them out. We ended up with a couple inches in both: not that much really. (Well, any water coming through your ceiling is too much, but in the context, it's not like we were flooded out.) And although this is the first time it has leaked in the last 2.5 years, it does not instill a lot of confidence in the roof. I mean, I think most people hope their house stays dry even when it rains, or even when it's windy while it's raining. I hope you can see why Troy wants to tackle the kitchen next thinking it is the worst section of the house in almost every way you could measure it.

What you don't want to see in your house:
And this does not exactly fall into my dream decorating scheme:
All for now. No matter what else might be wrong with your house, please appreciate it if it is at least dry,


davidbanga said...

Ok, I know you guys are all fuel conscious, but check out this direct copy and paste from Christina's blog:

"Well, even as I was driving 50-55 mpg, the wind..."

Are you now officially measuring it in miles per GALLON? your Corolla has that gauge and gets more than 50 mpg?

and i feel your pain. remember a year ago when it was raining in our living room. good times.

troy and christina said...

Thanks for the correction. That is, of course, mph! ha ha

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