Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Drywalling...with Excitement

Working in the shop has greatly improved since the temperatures have come up to about freezing. When I joined Troy today, the torpedo heater was going and things were positively toasty. Well, ok, my fingers were a little "heat challenged" but that improved as I started moving around a little more. (I guess that's a euphemism for working harder.)

Just in case any of you doubters remain, Troy insisted on capturing proof today that I do drywall.
Not that you can really tell that it's me. (Unless you're a really good study of my butt, and if you are, I don't really want to know about it, and you probably shouldn't admit to it.) You can admire my new workboots and toolbelt. (Not purple, but this one actually works.)

After putting in a few full sheets of drywall, I started to do some of the fiddly pieces we had to cut around the interior walls. One nice thing about this is that the pieces are generally sized so I can handle them on my own. And another is that I can learn some drywall skills out in the shop before I'm forced to "showcase" them in the house. Because right now, I'm slow...but sloppy. (To paraphrase a friend.)

While I was cutting those pieces Troy thought he would keep himself productive by continuing with the ceiling pieces. A one-man job with the drywall lift. For some background let me share that this is the same drywall lift that has attempted to kill Troy a couple times. And those of you with any sense of foreshadowing can now guess that it tried it again. First piece of drywall is headed up to the ceiling, Troy gets it right up at 12 feet, and SMASH, it hurtles down at Troy, but missed because he has learned to duck. There was some unladylike language but that's ok because Troy is not a lady.

This prompts Troy to "fix it good." So he spends the rest of the day going to buy parts, disassembling the lift, and trying to reassemble it with heavier-duty cables. It's not finished yet, but Troy is hopeful that it is in the last stages. This left me working alone in the shop. Yes, I have been promoted to unsupervised drywall work. Woo hoo...wonder if I'll get a raise? (More responsibility and all...)

We now have the walls half done, and the ceiling is still about a quarter done. But before we do any more, we'll have to hang some more plastic. Blah...

Good night from
-Slow...but sloppy.

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Joel said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal that the same drywall lift also attempted to kill David and me. On that occasion, David did, in fact, use lady-like language.

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