Monday, July 13, 2009

Blue Monday

That's the name of the paint colour I chose. I'm sure I didn't read that at the time I picked it. "Blue Monday." What kind of a name is that? I hope I forget it because I don't want to be thinking it every time I look at my house. The colour right below it on the paint card is "Postcard Perfect." That would be so much better. But it's the wrong colour. A made up colour name shouldn't make a difference, but I'm afraid it does.

The inappropriate name, however, could not dampen my excitement at actually getting some paint on the shingles. I know it doesn't look like much on the picture, but may I remind you of all the white I had to do on the trim, soffits, and eaves. Two coats on everything, and now I can move the ladder and start on another area.

The wasps are back but have not gotten cheeky with me. Friday I noticed a wasp return and crawl behind the trim wood. (See the broken off part on the left side of the pic up there? That's where it's living.) I think I saw it thumb its nose at me as it ducked behind the wood.

I returned fire with fire by sicking Troy on that unsuspecting-but-should-have-known-better wasp. Troy ambushed the nest at nightfall with some of the wasp spray. Saturday when I was painting, I saw the wasp crawl back into the same little cozy hole. I think it thumbed its nose with all six thumbs at me. But it didn't attack so I was able to continue.

We will try the spray again, but can I confess that my confidence in it is flagging?

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Dave said...

Looking good!

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