Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation Prep?

Is it that time of year again? We are being flooded with beans. Isaac picked a huge bowlful a few days ago, and then when I sent him out last night to pick what I thought would be a few stragglers to fill my last canning jar, he comes in with almost as many as I already had. Phew! All from a half row of plants.

All these beans meant we had to do something with them. And that meant on the first night of my vacation, the night before leaving for a week, I was canning beans. Does that make any sense?

I was happy to find my canning journal and make the entry. (Can I really be that organized?) It was fun to read last year's. I had already forgotten most of the details (naturally) and it was amusing to read notes like "forgot to remove the skins" on one tomato entry. I mean, how could I forget to remove the skins? But apparently I did. I didn't have many favourable remarks about how the applesauce came out either but it all got eaten, so it couldn't have been that bad!

Entry 1 for 2009 is for 7 quarts of beans with 1 tsp of salt. Out of our own garden. Troy figures that's about 3 month's worth of beans. (Cause we're sure not eating them every night.)

Eat well.

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