Sunday, July 19, 2009

Insulation: Slow...but Tedious

Compared to when we were winging the insulation into the attic, today was extremely slow. Only about 38 bags and it took us four hours (twice as long as last week).

Troy was up and down the ladder a lot. Besides the west wall, we went around and filled up the holes on the south and north walls (the long ones) and filled the east wall above the garage door (just little bitty spaces). So the machine was off and on all day, sometimes running no more than 30 seconds before we'd have to shut it off and move to the next hole. And then Troy would reach in the hole and mash it down, and then put a little more in, etc etc. Didn't I say tedious?

We ended up with Troy running up and down the ladder, Isaac sitting in the truck bed with the power switch, and me filling the machine but with enough extra time that I could start sweeping up the mess (and take a picture or two). I'm sure Troy had the worst of it, but he was just grateful to not be hunched over in the attic.

I had a flagging of spirits in the middle of the day when I thought Troy said this would be our second last day of insulation. I was counting on it being our last for a while. It turns out those statements were both right, but that he was counting the "top up" we'll have to do in a few weeks, and I was not. So once I had that straight in my mind, my spirits perked up considerably.

I'm sure your spirits are perking up, as well, since you may not have to read about insulation for a while. Wouldn't that be a relief!?

Pooped but Perkier.

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